The Estonian Environment Institute is an independent research organisation focusing on applied research in environmental science. EKKI was founded in 2010.

Our research focus on the development of environmental governance, management and planning based on four main areas of research:

  • We want to contribute to the practice of impact assessment in Estonia and the world that surrounds us.
  • We are an open, non-profit and independent research organisation in which researchers, decision makers and public can meet in a strive for sustainable development.
  • Based on our research we arrange seminars, courses and education within the field of impact assessment and environmental management as well as supports decision makers and practitioners with advice and guidance.
  • EKKI is managed by a Board of directors that has an international Research Council tied to it. The role of the research council is to give advice on research and to contribute with international experiences. Our staff consists of a group of researchers┬áthat comes from various research diciplines. | +372 502 5563 | Raekoja plats 8, 51004 Tartu, Estonia