Environmental Governance

Our research on environmental governance focus on mechanisms ensuring that environmental considerations are taken into account in decision-making in landuse and infrastructure planning.  Ongoing projects are related to discourses characterising relationships of different level plans and related environmental assessments. The knowledge transfer between planning tiers and the relevance of environmental assessments is observed using case studies of sequences of plans and projects from strategic level to operational phase.

Sustainable Landuse and Urban Planning

Our research focuses on how to optimize public and professional processes in order to ensure sustainable strategic management of the society. The theoretical approach is supported by demonstration projects such as coordinated prosumerism - planning tools of energy networks management.

Impact Assessment

Our research within the field of Impact Assessment (IA) focus on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Social Impact Assessment (SIA).

Sustainable Energy Management

The general aim of the research area is to generate knowledge on and identify measures for an effective and sustainable energy planning that could be used to strengthen the energy system in order to attain the environmental objectives on resources, climate change and landuse.

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