Heikki Kalle

Heikki Kalle holds MSc on plant ecology and ecophysiology from Tartu University. He has 25 years of experience on environmental management, especially strategic environmental assessment. He is also development manager in Hendrikson & Ko, Estonia. He is also Chief Executive Officer of DGE Group.

Charlotta Faith-Ell

Charlotta Faith-Ell holds a PhD in Land and Water Resources Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology and an MSc in Earth Sciences from Stockholm University. She is a recognized expert in the field of Impact Assessment and has more than twenty years' experience of working with project management and environmental management. She is also Director of Research at WSP Civils in Sweden.

Jaak Tuksam

Jaak Tuksam holds a MSc on Electrical Power Engineering from Tallinn University of Technology. His main research interest is digital solutions for sustainable energy system management. The case study of Estonia has been launched 2012. In the course a Master’s thesis "Analysis of Spatial Energy Planning Practice and Suggestions for Spatial Energy Planning Guidelines" is concluded. He also has 5 years of experience as Chief Executive Officer of a wind energy company Skinest Energia.

Pille Metspalu

Pille Metspalu is geographer and has been active in the field of spatial planning over 20 years. She is the leading regional and master planning consultant in Hendrikson & Ko Ltd, a lecturer of spatial planning in Tartu University. Her portfolio as a planning practitioner contains a large number of various planning projects, including Rail Baltic railway, marine spatial planning and more than 70 comprehensive plans for towns and rural municipalities. P. Metspalu has been active in developing planning methodology, she is the author of several planning guidelines. She is a member of the board of Estonian Association of Spatial Planners and Professional Planners’ Licensing Committee.

Helena Semm

Helena Semm holds MSc in environmental engineering and her research is focused on environmental conditions of tiering in the planning system.

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